How the hell did I get here ?

Its hard to explain what has just transpired over the past  few months, Currently I am sitting in the Virgin lounge in Sydney, having a beer while waiting to board my flight to Namibia courtesy of Iconic images International and Canon Australia. I guess surreal is a word that sum's it up.  On a whim I entered the Canon Light Awards, a major National prize with an image that was so very simple it is almost silent - This little simple image I took on a bleak foggy day won a major prize out of thousands of entries. Its hard for me to comprehend how or why but it all came down to a simple detail that can only be seen in the print. The Judges said it was difficult and boy if you saw the amazing competition, I do not doubt that at all.

Pictures give us something more than a fleeting moment, they give us a point in time that is frozen, captured and will remain for hundreds of years. Camera companies give us the tools to create, but I as I found, Canon gave us the tools as well but also the means - I have never in my life seen a company with a team dedicated on making sure their customers have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, as well as their imagination.

For me, Light Awards has opened my eyes to how an everyday amateur photographer can become something a bit more than average. For that I thank the Canon Australia Team (so many to list) all the Canon masters and a special thanks to the super 11 finalists - Mirza Shoaib, Daina Curci, Zach Norfolk, K Rheesy, Simone Chen, Nathan Mc, ColinB, Leeroy T, Phil (Burg) T & Ali Stewart (x2) - Check their work !!…/55285d94268b1_mcburnie%20…

To quote Canon , "no one sees it like you do" so grab a camera, read the Light Awards brief and challenge yourself by entering.

The winning image